Skeleton X-Ray – DJ 3

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Skeleton X-ray DJ: An X-ray of a male skeleton DJ wearing headphones with electric activity in his head.
Isolated on a black background


About Tiziano Digital Emotion

I was born in Tivoli (Rome) March 13th, 1977. I’m a Italian Trance and hard trance music producer since 2010. I have always been passionate about electronic music so I started my dj career when I was 15 years old (1991/92). I started playing in a lot of clubs next to Rome and same after hours, Trance, Techno and progressive music.During my career I did not use only vinyls but also samplers and groove box so I did live permormace. I was playing my music also in a lot of central Italy squares in collaboration with “Gamma Promotion”. I've always preferred to live performance than vinyls or cd.I have been for 3 years sound engineer for many concerts.

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