About Us


Universal Music Emotion Label is an independent music label based in Rome Italy
 and specialized in music distribution and artists promotion.

Our distribution network includes a wide range of digital music services such as iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google play and Spotify, Betport,

video streaming services such as YouTube and Dailymotion, and mobile services such as TIM and Orange…

Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with several hundred digital music stores worldwide.

Your music will be released worldwide in a few days. Our team always considers carefully the music we receive and if you think you have a product that has the qualities to compete internationally on the music market don’t hesitate and 


A music market without barriers where everyone can access and sell their music, respecting of all other musical works that have been already released by other labels. We would like that people listen to good music and enjoy by songs produced by not famous Dj Producer also.


Give to all dj producers a chance to sell their own music on main music stores.