Artists Backstage

Artists Backstage

UME Label Artist Backstage 

UME Label can distribute and sell your music in major online music stores worldwide.

The music market is changing very rapidly, the digital music trade (downloads and streaming) has an average growth of 9% and 10% year, against the sale of the CD that is in free fall.
This is the reason why we are trying with all our might, to give all emerging artists a chance to sell their music online.

Nowadays it is extremely important to establish with the artist  a trust  relationship  with regard to sales and reporting.

The reports not only contain information about your royalties, but allow you to monitor which are the music stores with the best performance, in which countries / territories are mostly purchased or heard (by streaming services) your single album or Ep, in which the date or period your songs have been purchased more.

All valuable information in order to devise a strategy or assessing the effects of a marketing campaign.

UME Label make you available on our website a section dedicated to reports.

In this way you could check it in every time you want to it.

It’s sufficient log in on our Backstage website using your artist account.

Feel yourself free to contact our royalties office, we will answer you faster.