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Happiness Original Trance Mix

Listen to Happyiness Original mix on YOUTUBE if you like Trance and Uplifting Trance

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Rave Generation

Enjoy your time by Trance and Psy-Trance listen to our new compilation and if you like it get you copy…
good listening…

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PSY-TRANCE Revolution Playlist

Psy-Trance Revolution playlist

Enjoy yourself with Psy-Trance and Goa Trance music listen to our new playlist and Enjoy

Deep Inside goa mix


Like it Hard Mix


Dark Voice


Psychoanalist 1

March From Murders

I am trance lover

Electric Waves

War Up


Psychoanalist 2


Body Karma

Let me up original mix

Zhu Rha

Space Revolution

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RT Project


Listen to my new reelease here

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Digital Noise Trance Album



Digital Noise is a new trance Album produced by

Tiziano Digital Emotion and KeepNoise.

The new Beautiful trance Album born from a collaboration between Italy and Spain.

It will be released on line on main music stores as Beatport, Amazon, JunoDownload, I-tunes, Apple Music, Google Play and more and more.

It will incluse 24 beautiful trance songs:

Enjoy the music play trance everywhere

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Ibiza Summer Hits Open Party 2015

Ibiza Summer Hits Open Party EDM Compilation

UME label has created a new summer Compilation dedicated to Ibiza and all parties that every years have organized in this magic island.

We love Electronic Dance Music and we are going to  share with you this compilation that includes 3 Volumes

1) Electro House and Vocal Trance

2) Trance and Uplifting Trance

3) Hard Trance, Hard techno and Psy-Trance

It will be available on main music stores, as Beatport, Juno download, I-tunes. Google Play and more and more.

The official date it will be 02-22-2016

We want to make you enjoy your summer holiday by Good music.


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Release your Music on line

Release your single with Universal Music Emotion Label
By few days your song will be available on 100 store and 240 countries.

This Distribution include:

Release your song on 100 stores and 240 countries;
Social network Promotion
Get 6o% of royalties;
Releasing Youtube static movie for your song
Possibility to check your sales on U.M.E. Label website

Report of your sales available every month
UPC Number
Increase your fans and spreading your music everywhere.

You keep all your right

Red wall breaks from sound with loudspeaker illustration

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I am trance Lover Psy GOA mix

Enjoy the music dear friends I’m Trance Lover coming soon…The new Psy-Trance single produced by Tiziano Digital Emotion Ft Omino 06. It’ will be useful to play All Trance DJS Set.

Keep Calm and Listen to Trance….


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UME Label EDM Compilation

Relax yourself listen to our dance compilations and download your favorite trance, house, techno, Electro house songs on main music store or on UME Label Music Stores. If you like Electronic Dance Music you are in right place. Turn up the volume and good listening….

The latest our compilation “Vocal Trance Emotion” was inspired by big music festivals like Tomorrowland and White sensation. Good listening dear friends.

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Enjoy the vocal trance playlist

UME Label Vocal Trance playlist

If you like Vocal trance this playlist can satisfy your emotions good listening and happy time.

Into the blue Vocal mix



Set you free vocal mix

Life is beautiful vocal mix

On my way original mix

Reason for life


Love will survive

Go away

Let me free

Spring the sun

La sombra del’hombre

The sound of the angels

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Like it hard mix

Like it Hard mix produced by Tiziano Digital Emotion ft Omino o6 Coming soon…

The new Trance Psy-trance song released by UME Label on main Music stores.

Good listening….


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Merry Christmas In italy

Merry Christmas is Italy is a new Trance, House and Electro house compilation released by Universal Music Emotion label on main music stores. It includes all dance hits produced in Italy by UME Label Italian djs Producer. It’s useful to play your dj set on club or as soundtrack of your Christmas holidays.
It is available on main music stores as Beatport, I-tunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify….
Enjoy the music play everywhere.

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Spring the sun by Oliver Vincentti

Enjoy yourself with Vocal trance listen to Spring The sun. It’s available on main Music stores or you can order your Mp3 on UME label store.

Thanks dear friends good listening and happy day

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Trance Evolution Album

Trance Evolution Album by Tiziano Digital Emotion ft Antonello

Trance Evolution is a new Trance Album released by Universal Music Emotion Label on main stores.

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on my way Video Clip

On my way Video clip is produced by Tiziano Digital Emotion ft Talija. OUT NOW on YOUTUBE

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