Frequently Asked Questions:


1) How long does it take for my music to go live once paid for?

Normally we can release your music on I-Tunes 48-72

About  other digital stores, by 1 week. Beatport take more time to release than I-Tunes.

Please note that the time frames given above are just averages – we can not guarantee when each store will make your music live.


2) Is there a way to expedite my release?

Unfortunately, not at this time. The release dates are set by each store and UME Label must abide by their policy.


3) When do I get my money?

When your  fan buys your music, that sale and the money earned from it, will be reported by the stores about 2 months

later, at beginning. Subsequently  you could get your sales and know money that you have earned by report every month.

For example, if your song sells in January that sale will be reported in February. Sales in February will be posted in

March, sales in March will be posted in April and so on. You can check your sales on our website.


4) How do I get my money?

We can pay you by paypal or through your bank account, when your earnings will be equal to 100,00 Euro.


5) How can i check my release?

We will post on your Facebook page the link for the sale or you can also look for your music on I-Tunes on Beatport, Juno download, Amazon, using the name of songs or album but your artist name also


6) What format must my music be for upload to UME Label?

You can upload on UME Label mp3 File max 128 MB, quality 320 Kbps

Remember that they must be set at a 44.1 khz sample rate, 16 bit sample size and the channel set to stereo.


7) What format must my cover be in, in order to upload to UME Label ?

The image ( covers) must be a perfect square and 1440×1440 pixels, Jpg.

On the cover, there must not be:

Email addresses, URL, or any other contact information or any pricing information.

You can write on it only: name of songs or album and your artist name.

If you do not know how to get your cover, or if you  don’t have any artwork – don’t worry, we have a team of design that

can make your own artwork for  in just few days.