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  1. Mastering & Mixing on UME Label

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    UME Label has a new service for all dj producer and artists.

    Today Mastering is an essential qualitatively step to for the success of a song. Thank to this process  is possible to reach the maximum sound output of the audio material in terms of volume, frequency content, dynamic range and stereo. Today the standard music quality are very high,  this is the reason why  UME Label has inaugurated its own on-line Mastering Studio.

    This is your on line mastering studio. We offer professional and affordable mastering service to artists and Dj producer. Our  Mastering service is fast and reliable, we place great value on the relationship we establish with your clients

    Mastering uses effects such as compression, limiting, and equalization plus others to enhance the overall sound of your music. Your music will be comparable in presence and volume to commercially released recordings after it has been mastered.

    How it work?

    1) Upload song

    Preparation of song for regular mastering: Stereo Wav / Aiff Sample rate: 44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz – Bit: 24/32 bit

    You NEVER use the normalization feature it on the master channel dynamics processors (compressors, limiters or maximizers) if you deactivate them. NO dithering, NO fadeIn / Fadeout.  Doing  a low mixing of the track with spikes on the master to below -2db -3db (Headroom) for a better exploitation of the dynamics. The entire sum of the channels should never exceed the 0db, it should be below -2 -3 db for a better exploitation of the dynamics.We recommend that you should not overdo -6db is too low. The Master  channel should ALWAYS be left at unity (0dB) and without limiter and nothing else.

    2) Set Up Job

    Select the format or service that you would like (for more than one song  we can agree about price. Send us e-mail ). The Payment is very safe (by Paypal)

    3) Delivery

    we are abel to send to you a demo after 48 hour so that you could listen to the audio quality. Your mastered songs will be ready for download Within 5 working days.


    Fell free to contact us at any time, we are looking forward working with you.