DJ K-Attivo – Monday

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DJ K-Attivo – Monday

About DJ K-Attivo

Davide Guidolin, as known as Dj K-Attivo, is an Italian dj/producer that plays Electro/Experimental music.His passion for Music begun when he was young, playing violin, then after 6 years starting play piano.When he understood his true passion, digital music, he started to produce songs and after that giving away his music for free.Bart Spinelli, an Italian Producer, mixed one of his songs in a compilation, Technomachine Volume 6, with K-Attivo's true name, Davide Guidolin.You can find his first songs on web.Since July, 2013 to October, was on air with "Elektromusique" on Radio Studio Life, and at the same time he started a collaboration as a producer for Universal Music Emotion, with his friend from Rome, dj Dookieb.His first official song is "Telemetria Verticale".

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