KeepNoise The Pleasure of Feeling video clip

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KeepNoise The Pleasure of Feeling video clip

About KeepNoise

Juan Carlos Ayala, artistically known as "KeepNoise", was born in Alicante Spain in 1974. At the age of 9 and 10, he studied music at the Conservatory of Municipal Music in Benidorm, where he successfully finished the music theory course. , learning to read and write sheet music by receiving a Diploma. His great inspiration in the 80s and 90s are Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Blue and Black, Mega-Beat Interfront, Front 242, Jean Michel Jarre ... In 1990 he started as a DJ and played in some clubs in Benidorm, including Fabrik club in Madrid and Manssion. In 2002 he started producing electronic music as a hobby on his own. In 2008, after several years producing music as a hobby, he began to share it on social networks so that people would listen to him. Because of this a large number of fans follow him. He is called to go to one of the best venues in Europe, FABRIK in Madrid in honor of Santhy Killer and without any profit, to present one of his remixes "Behind the Wheel" by Depeche Mode, this remix reached second place in a radio list of remixes in Hungary. Has been working as a DJ on an online radio, "" where he broadcast live. Now is currently an electronic music composer, and working with the Italian record label M&A Records and with the Universal Music Emotion label with which he is currently launching some of his compositions on the market...

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