Let’s get hight by Aytac Kart ft Zep Denise

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Let’s get hight by Aytac Kart ft Zep Denise

About Aytac Kart

AytaÁ Kart began to music 9 years ago , playing piano and guitar. Looking for an style to deliberate his passion for strings.He found electronic music his best option to give place to a completely new concept, where passionated harmonics sounds and heavy drums will achieve his desires to a completely new project which took place into Deep House/Nu Disco genre , He may be the first artist which will represent this styles in Turkey. At this time ,his name will be announced on different well know label such :Beachside Records,Sleazy Deep,Fresh II Death Records,Disco Future Records,Bigode Records, promising a great future inside electronic music.

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