Roll and Roll video clip by Nitro

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About Nitro

In 1996 I started ( Marco Koch aka " NITRO " ) to develop an unprecedented Interest in Music . Teamed up with my former Colleagues DJ Alex Foof , an old Monacor-Mixer and two regular CD-Players at the start. From the wide range of Electronic Music, we started only with a few Genres.....Gabber and Hardcore from Holland or Belgium, a lot of Drum 'n' Bass and the old " Straight - forward - Techno" (Schranz). This Way we remained about two years faithful. Understanding`s " hang up " , we brought ourselves in with Things like : For each track the time stop to determine the BPM's. After a long Time the Music Inventory and the Equipment of everyone grew up. But it also grew the interest in all other Subspecies of Techno, also the long Nights in Clubs and private Venues . The Dream to play their own Sound for the Crowd came true again and again. Often alone at Gigs in Ohrakel ( Ingolstadt ) , Magic ( Mainburg), Twister ( Mainburg ) , Eiskeller ( Ingolstadt ) and at many own and various other private Events . On the Taste of Music Production I came by to test various Software Synthesizer . Starting with " Fruity Loops " up to the Propellerhead Software "Reason" , which I still use today . In 1998, my Hands came into Contact for the first time with a Hardware-Synth . The " Roland MC -303 " . Approx. 2 years later I was going my own Way, because our taste in music suddenly distant from each other. But in May 2004 i was meeting new people at a Techno Festival with whom I work up to this day . In particular : Nico and Norman Bush, Bastian Rohrhuber . Norman (aka " N- Flight" ) would also engage in producing , so we ordered two live Devices. A " AKAI MPC 2000 XL " -Sampler and a "ROLAND MC -909 " synthesizer. Sought and Found ! With these Devices, we launched the first LIVE Performances at Club Braaz in Ingolstadt. This Club ( founded by Basti and Nico ), was the first in which we were called Resident DJ `s . In the Fall of 2005 we moved our Homebase . From Braaz to TONSPUR . New Arena , new Plant , more Size, more Light, more Public, more Sound............ and above all, more new Experiences ! This was an Event Hall with 3000 people Capacity . We played with Artists like : Marusha , Bassface Sascha , Mount Sims ( USA), Sender Berlin (Live). Here we tested from Month to Month our Sound (mostly Minimal Techno and Deep) , try the sound-hungry Party People to saturate and happy to agree . Then we moved to the Electronic Era Team. The EE Events rose at regular intervals in Ohrakel Ingolstadt. In 2010 I moved to Regensburg and since this Time i work with much more Producing-Equipment (Yamaha RM1X , Roland JV -2080 , Korg Electribe S , Allen & Heath ZED Sixty 10 FX, Img Stage Line MFX -16M , Reason 4 and Ableton 8 via ESI-Romio-Midi-Interface, Behringer MDX 2000, M-Audio Audiophile 24/96) and i was join the Italian label " Universal Music Emotion" (with Radio-Shows too ! ) If there are Requests or Bookings, of course I'm happy at any time and any place to have Gigs. ///////////// LINKS:::: [ ] ////////////// [ ] ////////////// [ ]

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